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Top 5 Crafting Tools That You Should Have

Top 5 Crafting Tools That You Should Have

Crafting tools, yes everyone needs this. It is because this is one of the habits to enhance the happiness and sense of focus. Including this, you can improve your memory and motivation level. Craft is one of the arts that allow you to learn something different. Do you know? Crafting is one of the responsible for brain development.

When you are busy with on your creative activity, surely you can reduce your stress. This crafting helps to make the people use and equally develops their imagination level. The entire process of crafting, you should do step by step process. Then only you can meet your desired one.

Otherwise, in order to enjoy the crafting you have some crafting tool with you. There are plenty of crafting tools are available. So you can use the tool that suits your needs.

All the tools come with affordable cost because the entire tool is simple one which all is used in their regular purposes. So choose the right craft tool and improves your patience. My friend jhony helped to writing this post. He has vast knowledge on crafting related topic. Follow his blog here. he write some awesome post on crafting and printing.

TOP 5 Crafting Tools:

At the time of crafting you can get some important and foremost crafting tool right? Here some basic and essential crafting tools such as.

TOP 5 Crafting Tools

Hot Glue Gun:

This is one of the preferred crafting tools today. This tool is common for all kind of crafting solution. With the help of the adhesive tool, you can make your craft even stronger. It is more than better for other normal sticky glue in the market. No matter whatever crafting you are doing, this hot glue gun helps to make your job simpler and easier.

It gives long-lasting durable for your crafting. Therefore it offers the benefits more than your expectations. Everyone needs this glue gun on your crafting toolbox. It is most rapid drying so gives amazing self-life for your crafting. This is glue but not like most thicker one. Otherwise you can buy this affordable cost. It contains nonvolatile organic compounds, so best for crafting use.

Writing Utensils:

The other most important crafting tool is writing properties such as pens, crayons, color pencils, marker, etc. if you need to create colorful and amazing craft means, this writing utensils will help you lot. These are useful and essential tool for crafting. Today lots of colors, different ranges of markers, attractive crayons are available.

So you can choose as per your needs. With the help of the writing utensils, you can make your craft attractive and colorful. Then it is most preferable for kid’s craft. Different forms of tools come today so this is one of the great tools among other choices. There are many types of writing utensils are available, but as for crafting, all kind of writing utensils wanted.

Paint and paintbrushes

Paint and paintbrushes:

Special coating on the craft is a really important one and it is because this gives unique look for that. Painting is highly preferable one for crafting because when using these different colors of paint on your design, it will make the passing people attractive and also focus them on your images instantly.

Then next is paintbrush, it is needed one. There are different categories of paintbrushes are available to select from. All brushes are used for different purposes. But as crafting, you have to use small and medium type of brushes. Brush holders come with both thinner and thicker have also gained the popularity today.


Yes, glitter is one of the crafting tools. It assists to make your crafting shine and sparkle. This glitter is made by gum form with some other required ingredients. This is highly used for crafting and other artwork. With the help of the glitter you can change your craft color, texture, etc. this is majorly preferable for shiny purposes.

And it comes with sticky and little bit of glitter is enough for creating an attractive design. Now it is familiar for decorative purposes. And you can buy the glitter easily that suits your needs. it is because it is available in many different colors. Then you can use this for all kind of large to small crafting. Without glitter the crafting is not fulfilled.



It is one of the essential needs of all kind of crafting. Using the scissors you can wide variety of items easily. Particularly crafting, scissors play most important role. Today several pairs of scissors are available especially for crafting. And also you can use this crafting scissors for any other purposes also.

It is all in one solution so you can use this for your crafting project without any trouble. Using these scissors you can cut different thin materials such as cloth, rope, paper, wire and many more. So if you have crafting organizer on your home, surely scissor will be there. Organize all this top 5 crafting tool and make your crafting attractive.

What Is Heat Press Machine And What To Look Before Buying One: Buying Guide For Newbie?

What Is Heat Press Machine And What To Look Before Buying One Buying Guide For Newbie

A heat press machine is the device of design. It will out rightly shift the graphic design onto a surface or material. At present most of the firms and organizations are available with this device. Especially business like decoration, sign, T-shirts manufacture and many more provided with this machine certainly.

The cloths and jersey that you use are available with designs then it is made by means of heat press. While pressing the design three major things are followed such as time, temperature and pressure. Along with garments also for wood, metal, glass and other also can get designed via heat press.

How to purchase a heat press machine?

How to purchase a heat press machine

Before going to buy a heat press device it is mandatory to know some of the essential factors. Here come all the things you need to carry while shopping this.


The most essential thing you ought to focus is its size. The reason why you need to concentrate on size is to meet the requirements of the clients. For that you are required to look at your need more than anything. As in general heat press machines are of four types they are,

  • Very small:
    This kind of heat press device is well for designing small things like baby dress, tote bags and many more. When you check for the size then it is 4” x 6” to 6” x 8”.
  • Small presses:
    This specific size machine is an affordable rate. The available size range is of 9” X 12” to 12” X 14”. These sizes are considered as the well-fitted and best. you will find some other ranges of sizes as well under this machine. This helps a lot for transferring the design to the material. Especially it suits well for tiny businesses.
  • Medium presses:
    The size ranges accessible are 16” X 16”, 15” X 15” and 14” X 16”. These size machines are only for decoration purpose. It will work on high wattage if you use it continuously and the rate is less than a 16” X 16”.
  • Large presses:
    It is the large size machine and the range is of 16” X 20”. It is mainly used on the garment industry in order to decorate in the wider way. It will carry out the measurements from an inkjet printer.

Apart from these there are some other mighty size heats press machines are available. you are required to choose one that suits your need.

Kind of heat press:

Kind of heat press

There are two types of heat press machines are available such as Clamshell and Swing Away. As in general Clamshell is accessible in the sizes of medium and large size presses. The platens will lift straight up in order to open out rightly. It is considered as an effortless, efficient and have huge appearance.

Swing Away is the type of heat press that will easily move and provided with swing arms. When the platens lift straight up on the tip and it will swing to the right. Likewise some other types are also available that comes with varied features.

At present automatic heat press devices comes into the market. The features available in that may look good but it has some pit falls as well. Also it is expensive and won’t suits for large production.

That is why instead of choosing automatic heat press machine go with manual heat press machine. It will fit your budget and will help you to gain efficient result for sure.

Digital or analog:

The most significant thing you need to choose is whether analog or digital type heat press machine. When comes to the digital press then the time and temperature are perfect than the analog. The maximum time it requires is of 60 seconds. Why means? It is really hard to check the reading from the gage and to note it accurately. In most of the cases digital heat press is the superlative one.

You will also get the efficient and expected result by means of this. While looking for the heat press you should look at platens for sure. If the press is provided with right platen then you will be enabled to print design in the way you want.

Check your production level:

By means of checking the production range you need to choose the right one. At the same time, the one you choose need to increase your production and sales. As mentioned prior it is a well-known fact that the heat press machine is available for so many products so you need to prefer one based on your products that you design.

But in order to get more benefits choosing the right heat press machine is an important factor. For sure beneath points will give you what to look in a heat press machine so check it out and buy it.

How To Screen Print A T-Shirt At Home

Basically screen printing is one of the techniques that print on t-shirts with identical images and many more. If you are searching the way to screen print a t-shirt at home means, this article simply guides you. Basically this way comes under at ancient time. But now this screen printing style is most wanted one among the people over the world.

And also this screen printing method now considers the most modern device. Otherwise, at first many of the people think it is a big deal, but it’s not like that using screen printing at home is much simpler one. Within a short time you can familiar with this printing work. Once you start to use the device, surely you can understand the benefits.
Simple steps for Screen Print a t-shirt at home:

If you start the screen printing t-shirt business at home, surely it is perfect choice. With the help of the screen printing device you can finish your customer order soon. This screen printing machine acts as stencil. Without the cutting images, you just coat the image screen and then with the help of the laser you have to cut the image.

Develop the image

Develop the image:

At first you have to get any of images that suit your taste. Do you know? Art work is most essential for this printing process. Once you put any of wrong coating, it’s just collapsed all your printing process. So before choose the image you have double check. It helps it choose high end quality images. Getting unique designs of t shirt is important right? So choose right with high resolution image also must.

Almost many of the screen printing machines have at least more than 300DPI in order to get the better result. Now you may thing why choose high resolution images? Yes, then only you can print easier and simple on t shirt. Therefore bear in mind this one before choosing the images. A small and single image can make your t shirt unique and different.


The next wanted step is separation. This step is simple one that is used for removes the individual color on design. If you have different color on your image such as red, orange, yellow etc. you have separate the color first and then print the image. Today many of the people to wear screen printed t shirt because of its attractive image and color. So this separation step gives high quality output for you.

Expose the image on screen

Expose the image on screen:

This step is other important process in this screen printing method. Now after compete the above process, you have to ready for burning the screen. Then move them on exposing unit, this unit mention some box with light on inside. Now fix the image in between the screen and exposing unit glass. This way helps to getting the shine through the glass and image.

Now you have to apply photosensitive fluid on the screen before exposing. Then make sure it covers the screen utmost otherwise in order to get the confirmation you have to use squeegee fluid on screen. Otherwise keep it on dark room with few hours, for getting the emulsion is dry. Then after dry the emulsion you can separate the process.

Screen printing process:

Now your screen is ready for printing. Once fix it on press and apply the ink on it. Once you meet your required color you have to mix and apply several inks wisely. In this step, you have to ready for screen printing a t shirt. Moreover you can start to print your garments, if you have small run you can do step by step process. Then if you have medium and large run, when your machine completely supports you can do them with on auto press.

Benefits of this process:

Therefore this screen printing type is one of the oldest methods but now widely used this method for screen printing the t shirt. This method is the most reliable one that’s why still it gains huge popularity among the people today. It is highly valuable and worth process. So try it once.

When screen printing on t shirt you have to keep in mind some factor such as high end visibility and brightness of the image and color. So you have to use thicker ink for printing the image. Next factor is choosing ideal color and image. And also concentrate that printing work give professional look.

This screen printing gives many more benefits such as it is resilient and durable one. And the cost of the screen printing is very less expensive, so you can choose this method without any doubt and worries. Otherwise it looks like well quality, try the Screen Print a t-shirt at home and check the benefits.

How To Use Transfer Tape?

How To Use Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is also called as application tape and pre-mask. It is one of the types of digital graphics. It allows you to transfers the graphics on your vinyl cutter. Vinyl means chalkboard or any other wall. If you need to learn about transfer tape and its usage means, just keep read this article.

Basically, transfer tape is one of the sheet masks. If you have vinyl crafting collection, surely you have transfer tape on your toolbox. Otherwise, this tape comes under removals adhesive on a single side. And also you can get this from both roll on and sheet mask. Some of the transfer properties come with backing paper.

Otherwise the size, model, thickness of tape may vary but all the tape used for the same functionality. So it allows you to move based on your vinyl design. So it is useful one and is able to make your required area and other living area looks amazing. So try the tape once surely you can see the magic.

Getting amazing design by using transfer tape:

Getting amazing design by using transfer tape

There are two different types of transfer tapes are available one is clear tape and other is a paper tape. Both the types now are available with sticky back and rolls. And also you can get this with different measure and size. So you can buy the tape based on your needs and requirements. Then you can use until 12 inches of tape.

Therefore this transfer tape is economically best one for you, otherwise coming to the point of sheet mask. It is also available in different sizes with an adhesive coating on one side. Most of the people like to use transfer tape with sheep on paper backing. It is because it is easier to cut and also you can reuse this sheet at any time.

Yes, it is exactly suited for reusable. Once you lose the stickiness on the tape, you can use much time. For using the tape you have to sets them on your wall and peel off the excess sheet. But keep the excess safe because you when you reuse the tape, that excess will be used to you. You can use the excess for two to three times. Then throughout the excess.

Procedure to use transfer tape:

Procedure to use transfer tape

At first, you have to cut the design from the adhesive vinyl and remove excess vinyl. Before starting to use the tape you have to peel off the sheet. Then cut the design based on your needs, hereafter you have to fix the sheet on your preferred area or project. Then rub the sheet with on your hand and cut off with your knife.

After rubbing the sheet thoroughly, trim the edges and other sides of the sheet. Now you can get the perfect design on your project or any other wall. These transfer tapes are now used for many applications and good placements. The other simple method to use the tape is you have to fold one end of the sheet first.

So now you can get a simple adhesive side. With this step, you can easily stick down the sheet with careful position. Then press down on edge then peel off the excess backing from it. It is one of the simple ways to use the transfer tape. It will make your application simple and easier.

If you need to fix the tape on curved surface means, you can use this simple trick for getting clear design. When you move your design from flat surface to curved surface, you have several ways to finish the step with a wrinkled vinyl decal. At that time when clipping the design, you have to use scissors in order to avoid folds and bubbles.

Where to buy transfer tape?

You can buy this transfer tape from an online store. All type of tape you can buy with affordable rate. The most attractive tapes you can get from online easily. Otherwise, online store is only having plenty of collection. So choose online store and purchase your desired transfer tape. Without any other third party tool you can easily do the process.

Some important factors when using this tape:

Once check you’re printed or any of your project area that is dry and clean. Then when setting the tape, you have to consider the position with carefully. Then set the transfer tape with on your vinyl design properly. Once you set them perfect, you have to rub the edge thoroughly with some scissors and other flexible properties.

Otherwise, be careful when peeling off the sheet. These are some important notable factors while using the transfer tape. This tape comes with double coated laminated so handling the tape is simple. If you want to use the tape means, just try it without any worries. Surely it gives better experience to you.

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer: What Are The Difference Between Them?

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer What Are The Difference Between Them

Screen printing is the method of pressing ink by means of the stenciled mesh screen in order to give printed design. This process is what considered in many industries for designing purpose. Mostly it is preferred in garments and other designing things. Along with this method is an effective one for posters, artwork and bold canvases. In short the thing that has printed design then it made by means of screen printing.

On the other hand heat press is the method of transferring the design onto the material. By means of heat press machine the design will be move to the particular thing and it will give you efficient and accurate result in some time.

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer:

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer

Both screen printing and heat transfer is a printing method that will provide the expected design on the material. However, there are some differences are available for sure. Here the things that differentiate screen printing and heat transfer are clearly explained. Take a look and then choose your required and suitable one.

Screen printing:

  • As in general, when comes to the screen printing, it will make use of the original screens in the process. After that the screens included in this process are properly cut down in order to create a stencil for the design. After that, the ink will be spread on the screen by means of fleeting through the object called mesh. The ink will be transferred to the specific areas that you wish to get design.
  • At the same time for one screen, only one number of colors only wants to use so it is strongly recommended to use more numbers of screen based on the color. In case the design consists of several numbers of screens then you should avail such numbers of colors. If you want to do screen printing then you are required to have things such as films, tapes, squeegees, printers, screens, plastisol ink.
  • By means of this method, one can design large number of things with no hurdle. That means for 1000 units you can easily print it. Also it is cost-effective as well. Once a garment is printed by means of screen printing then you can sense the softness and brightness of the garment. also garments design via this is considered as high-quality one.

Heat transfer:

  • When comes to heat press method, you can able to create a custom design on products such as t-shirts and tablecloth. It will transfer the design with the help of the heat and press method. The heat transfers are of many types in that the common types are vinyl heat transfer and digital heat transfer.
  • In the vinyl heat transfer process one device will completely cut out designs as well as the letters into pieces, as a result, it will become colored vinyl. Now the heat press will be used in order to move all the available vinyl color of the design into a matter or object that is meant to get designed.
  • When comes to the digital heat transfer print then the design you want to print it may be a graphic or other thing will be moved from the source at first that is paper. Then from the paper the whole design will be transferred to the particular thing. The design will be printed once after it gets pressed.
  • In both these techniques heat press machine is required for sure with the aim to transfer the particular design onto the item. Be it is a vinyl press method or digital press method you can able to effortlessly transfer design.
  • Heat pressing method is eco-friendly and it will very neat and clean. Just a press is enough to get the expected design to come in the material. At the same time, it will offer high-quality printing. You can easily do the printing process with the help of this method. Multiple numbers of colors are used at one instance of time in this method.
  • It is affordable and means a lot to print small objects and tiny projects. The device will come for long-term and it is a time-saving one.

Which one to choose?

Which one to choose

If you are looking for the best process in these methods then its completely depends upon your production line. Of course, based on your manufacturing numbers and quantity alone you ought to decide the right method. Especially you are required to have an eye on the size, power, requirements, and other things.

By means of checking all the aspects alone, you need to pick a process. Be it is anything you need to check that your bottom line will get increase or not. Because sales are the main thing you need to check what will give you the expected profitable sales more than the expenditure.

Top 7 Drawing Items For Beginners

Top 7 Drawing Items For Beginners

An art that brings out what you feel in mind is drawing. Everyone has drawing childhood memories. Maybe as a kid, the drawing materials seem unimportant. But the fact is if you are going to draw something then drawing materials means a lot. The moment you stepped into the drawing profession you become an artist. So artist should never ever miss out those essential drawing tools and kits.

However, the novice does not have such acquaintance that is what to have and what necessity is so in order to help you out alone the topmost important drawing items are mentioned underneath.

  • Standard pencil:
Standard pencil

When it comes to the list of essential drawing things then a high-quality pencil is the foremost thing. Even under the drawing pencils there are so many numbers of brands are obtainable. Based on the artist practice level and convenience everyone chooses an individual type of pencil. In the case of choosing a drawing pencil it is necessary to make sure whether it is graphite or not.

Since graphite is the best type of pencil that suits for drawing. Also when you select a pencil mostly try out all brands to know which fits best. Surely it is very hard to find a pencil even at first.

  • Sketchbook/Paper:

The second most important thing you need to carry out if you are going to draw is sketchbook/paper. Through this material alone you can able to express your thoughts. But choosing a book or paper is depends upon your choice. Because every individual artist has different opinion so you can choose anything.

But when you have sketchbook you can able to do all the exercise without leaving anything. Plus you can easily note down all the important tips and then track it out on a daily basis. Also you will do all the works in the correct flow as well.

  • Eraser:

To err is human it’s a well-known fact. So in order to correct the mistake done on the paper it is necessary to have eraser. Along with erasing, it will also help to make some unique mark. Having marks is an essential thing when comes to drawing since it facilitates to draw by following that.

There are so many numbers of erasers are available such as rubber eraser, kneaded eraser, gum eraser, Vinyl or plastic eraser. You know there is no choice of selection instead of having all of these erasers on your side will help you for sure. You ought to purchase the best quality eraser that matters a lot.

  • Sharpener:

A wanted material to draw since whenever you feel that the pencil edge gets blunt then you all set to sharp it by means of this. While choosing a sharpener make sure its quality because low-quality will damage the pencil and the beauty of drawing as well. So you are required to pick the best sharpener amongst several.

As like erasers sharper also have so many types such as electric pencil sharpener and manual pencil sharpener. The electric one will give proper sharpen to the pencil but won’t suit color pencil alternatively manual is the best and can be held by hand to sharpen in the way you want.

  • Felt tip pen:
Felt tip pen

Most of the artists love felt tip pen because with this pen one can able to make differed types of marks. By means of this pen, you will be allowed to make a wider range of line quality. The reason why should choose this pen means it will give psychological effect. It is the most wanted effect by artists.

As in general if a mark can’t able to erase once after created then artists will draw it in a concerned way. For sure artists will give additional focus on the mark that you create. Also the truth is when you have felt tip pen then you can able enhance your drawing skill for sure.

  • Painting paper pads:
Painting paper pads

Once after completed the drawing you wish to paint right? in this case, you are required to have a heavy weighted paper stock. But based on the type of the paint you need to choose one. If you are going to do watercolor then the suitable one is pre-stretched pad. In case you try to paint on your own then you will end up soaking paper and then damage the whole drawing so you need to choose the best one.

  • Palette and brushes:
Palette and brushes

The moment you finishes the drawing then you want to start the painting in such case you are surely recommended to have palette and brushed. In the color palette so many colors will be filled and having different sized brushes also important here. Polaroid foto bar recommended top 10 brushes here.

Thence these are all the most essential things you need to available with when you are going to draw.

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How To Use Transfer Tape

How To Use Transfer Tape?

Transfer tape is also called as application tape and pre-mask. It is one of the types of digital graphics. It allows you to transfers the graphics on your vinyl cutter. …