How To Screen Print A T-Shirt At Home

Basically screen printing is one of the techniques that print on t-shirts with identical images and many more. If you are searching the way to screen print a t-shirt at home means, this article simply guides you. Basically this way comes under at ancient time. But now this screen printing style is most wanted one among the people over the world.

And also this screen printing method now considers the most modern device. Otherwise, at first many of the people think it is a big deal, but it’s not like that using screen printing at home is much simpler one. Within a short time you can familiar with this printing work. Once you start to use the device, surely you can understand the benefits.
Simple steps for Screen Print a t-shirt at home:

If you start the screen printing t-shirt business at home, surely it is perfect choice. With the help of the screen printing device you can finish your customer order soon. This screen printing machine acts as stencil. Without the cutting images, you just coat the image screen and then with the help of the laser you have to cut the image.

Develop the image

Develop the image:

At first you have to get any of images that suit your taste. Do you know? Art work is most essential for this printing process. Once you put any of wrong coating, it’s just collapsed all your printing process. So before choose the image you have double check. It helps it choose high end quality images. Getting unique designs of t shirt is important right? So choose right with high resolution image also must.

Almost many of the screen printing machines have at least more than 300DPI in order to get the better result. Now you may thing why choose high resolution images? Yes, then only you can print easier and simple on t shirt. Therefore bear in mind this one before choosing the images. A small and single image can make your t shirt unique and different.


The next wanted step is separation. This step is simple one that is used for removes the individual color on design. If you have different color on your image such as red, orange, yellow etc. you have separate the color first and then print the image. Today many of the people to wear screen printed t shirt because of its attractive image and color. So this separation step gives high quality output for you.

Expose the image on screen

Expose the image on screen:

This step is other important process in this screen printing method. Now after compete the above process, you have to ready for burning the screen. Then move them on exposing unit, this unit mention some box with light on inside. Now fix the image in between the screen and exposing unit glass. This way helps to getting the shine through the glass and image.

Now you have to apply photosensitive fluid on the screen before exposing. Then make sure it covers the screen utmost otherwise in order to get the confirmation you have to use squeegee fluid on screen. Otherwise keep it on dark room with few hours, for getting the emulsion is dry. Then after dry the emulsion you can separate the process.

Screen printing process:

Now your screen is ready for printing. Once fix it on press and apply the ink on it. Once you meet your required color you have to mix and apply several inks wisely. In this step, you have to ready for screen printing a t shirt. Moreover you can start to print your garments, if you have small run you can do step by step process. Then if you have medium and large run, when your machine completely supports you can do them with on auto press.

Benefits of this process:

Therefore this screen printing type is one of the oldest methods but now widely used this method for screen printing the t shirt. This method is the most reliable one that’s why still it gains huge popularity among the people today. It is highly valuable and worth process. So try it once.

When screen printing on t shirt you have to keep in mind some factor such as high end visibility and brightness of the image and color. So you have to use thicker ink for printing the image. Next factor is choosing ideal color and image. And also concentrate that printing work give professional look.

This screen printing gives many more benefits such as it is resilient and durable one. And the cost of the screen printing is very less expensive, so you can choose this method without any doubt and worries. Otherwise it looks like well quality, try the Screen Print a t-shirt at home and check the benefits.

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