Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer: What Are The Difference Between Them?

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer What Are The Difference Between Them

Screen printing is the method of pressing ink by means of the stenciled mesh screen in order to give printed design. This process is what considered in many industries for designing purpose. Mostly it is preferred in garments and other designing things. Along with this method is an effective one for posters, artwork and bold canvases. In short the thing that has printed design then it made by means of screen printing.

On the other hand heat press is the method of transferring the design onto the material. By means of heat press machine the design will be move to the particular thing and it will give you efficient and accurate result in some time.

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer:

Screen Printing Vs Heat Transfer

Both screen printing and heat transfer is a printing method that will provide the expected design on the material. However, there are some differences are available for sure. Here the things that differentiate screen printing and heat transfer are clearly explained. Take a look and then choose your required and suitable one.

Screen printing:

  • As in general, when comes to the screen printing, it will make use of the original screens in the process. After that the screens included in this process are properly cut down in order to create a stencil for the design. After that, the ink will be spread on the screen by means of fleeting through the object called mesh. The ink will be transferred to the specific areas that you wish to get design.
  • At the same time for one screen, only one number of colors only wants to use so it is strongly recommended to use more numbers of screen based on the color. In case the design consists of several numbers of screens then you should avail such numbers of colors. If you want to do screen printing then you are required to have things such as films, tapes, squeegees, printers, screens, plastisol ink.
  • By means of this method, one can design large number of things with no hurdle. That means for 1000 units you can easily print it. Also it is cost-effective as well. Once a garment is printed by means of screen printing then you can sense the softness and brightness of the garment. also garments design via this is considered as high-quality one.

Heat transfer:

  • When comes to heat press method, you can able to create a custom design on products such as t-shirts and tablecloth. It will transfer the design with the help of the heat and press method. The heat transfers are of many types in that the common types are vinyl heat transfer and digital heat transfer.
  • In the vinyl heat transfer process one device will completely cut out designs as well as the letters into pieces, as a result, it will become colored vinyl. Now the heat press will be used in order to move all the available vinyl color of the design into a matter or object that is meant to get designed.
  • When comes to the digital heat transfer print then the design you want to print it may be a graphic or other thing will be moved from the source at first that is paper. Then from the paper the whole design will be transferred to the particular thing. The design will be printed once after it gets pressed.
  • In both these techniques heat press machine is required for sure with the aim to transfer the particular design onto the item. Be it is a vinyl press method or digital press method you can able to effortlessly transfer design.
  • Heat pressing method is eco-friendly and it will very neat and clean. Just a press is enough to get the expected design to come in the material. At the same time, it will offer high-quality printing. You can easily do the printing process with the help of this method. Multiple numbers of colors are used at one instance of time in this method.
  • It is affordable and means a lot to print small objects and tiny projects. The device will come for long-term and it is a time-saving one.

Which one to choose?

Which one to choose

If you are looking for the best process in these methods then its completely depends upon your production line. Of course, based on your manufacturing numbers and quantity alone you ought to decide the right method. Especially you are required to have an eye on the size, power, requirements, and other things.

By means of checking all the aspects alone, you need to pick a process. Be it is anything you need to check that your bottom line will get increase or not. Because sales are the main thing you need to check what will give you the expected profitable sales more than the expenditure.

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