What Is Heat Press Machine And What To Look Before Buying One: Buying Guide For Newbie?

What Is Heat Press Machine And What To Look Before Buying One Buying Guide For Newbie

A heat press machine is the device of design. It will out rightly shift the graphic design onto a surface or material. At present most of the firms and organizations are available with this device. Especially business like decoration, sign, T-shirts manufacture and many more provided with this machine certainly.

The cloths and jersey that you use are available with designs then it is made by means of heat press. While pressing the design three major things are followed such as time, temperature and pressure. Along with garments also for wood, metal, glass and other also can get designed via heat press.

How to purchase a heat press machine?

How to purchase a heat press machine

Before going to buy a heat press device it is mandatory to know some of the essential factors. Here come all the things you need to carry while shopping this.


The most essential thing you ought to focus is its size. The reason why you need to concentrate on size is to meet the requirements of the clients. For that you are required to look at your need more than anything. As in general heat press machines are of four types they are,

  • Very small:
    This kind of heat press device is well for designing small things like baby dress, tote bags and many more. When you check for the size then it is 4” x 6” to 6” x 8”.
  • Small presses:
    This specific size machine is an affordable rate. The available size range is of 9” X 12” to 12” X 14”. These sizes are considered as the well-fitted and best. you will find some other ranges of sizes as well under this machine. This helps a lot for transferring the design to the material. Especially it suits well for tiny businesses.
  • Medium presses:
    The size ranges accessible are 16” X 16”, 15” X 15” and 14” X 16”. These size machines are only for decoration purpose. It will work on high wattage if you use it continuously and the rate is less than a 16” X 16”.
  • Large presses:
    It is the large size machine and the range is of 16” X 20”. It is mainly used on the garment industry in order to decorate in the wider way. It will carry out the measurements from an inkjet printer.

Apart from these there are some other mighty size heats press machines are available. you are required to choose one that suits your need.

Kind of heat press:

Kind of heat press

There are two types of heat press machines are available such as Clamshell and Swing Away. As in general Clamshell is accessible in the sizes of medium and large size presses. The platens will lift straight up in order to open out rightly. It is considered as an effortless, efficient and have huge appearance.

Swing Away is the type of heat press that will easily move and provided with swing arms. When the platens lift straight up on the tip and it will swing to the right. Likewise some other types are also available that comes with varied features.

At present automatic heat press devices comes into the market. The features available in that may look good but it has some pit falls as well. Also it is expensive and won’t suits for large production.

That is why instead of choosing automatic heat press machine go with manual heat press machine. It will fit your budget and will help you to gain efficient result for sure.

Digital or analog:

The most significant thing you need to choose is whether analog or digital type heat press machine. When comes to the digital press then the time and temperature are perfect than the analog. The maximum time it requires is of 60 seconds. Why means? It is really hard to check the reading from the gage and to note it accurately. In most of the cases digital heat press is the superlative one.

You will also get the efficient and expected result by means of this. While looking for the heat press you should look at platens for sure. If the press is provided with right platen then you will be enabled to print design in the way you want.

Check your production level:

By means of checking the production range you need to choose the right one. At the same time, the one you choose need to increase your production and sales. As mentioned prior it is a well-known fact that the heat press machine is available for so many products so you need to prefer one based on your products that you design.

But in order to get more benefits choosing the right heat press machine is an important factor. For sure beneath points will give you what to look in a heat press machine so check it out and buy it.

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